Dangerous Nursing Home Ordered To Close Following Discovery Of Conditions Posing ‘Immediate Jepardy’ To Its Residents

I was recently forwarded an articled from Indyweek.com, regarding the outrageously horridDangerous Nursing Home Ordered To Close conditions at Forest View Rehabilitation Center in Durham, North Carolina.  The article highlights multiple incidents of downright disgusting patient care and dangerous living conditions that resulted in authorities ordering the facility to shut its doors.

Among the conditions documented by state nursing home inspectors in their investigations reveal the following:

  • Failure to provide pain medication to residents with advanced pressure sores
  • Sexual assaults committed on mentally disabled residents by other residents at the facility
  • Fire ant bites on residents bodies
  • Urinary tract infections- there is documentation that the staff used a fecal crusted towel to wash a urinary catheter
  • Residents were catheterized without doctors orders
  • Failing to have a registered nurse at the facility for more than 24 hours at a time
  • Staff allowing a resident in a power wheelchair to tip over in a nursing home transport van

Obviously the problems documented demonstrate a complete lack of staff oversight and disregard to patient care.  When confronted with the investigators findings, the unnamed administrator at Forest View stated she “was unaware” of the many nursing home violations occurring at the facility.  When confronted by the fact that there was no registered nurse on duty for more than 24 hours– in direct violation of Federal Regulations– the Director of Nursing responded, “she did not think about registered nurse coverage for the day.”

Forest View Rehabilitation Center is a 138-bed nursing facility.  It is a for-profit nursing home owned by Durham Manor LLC.  Durham manor is managed by Epic Group.  Epic Group is owned by W. Stewart Swain.

For laws related to North Carolina nursing homes, look here.

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Part 1: improper administration of pain medicine, improper catheter use and cleanliness, an accident involving a wheelchair that had not been adequately strapped down in a transport van, repeated falls, fire ant invasion; physical assault. (download: Report #1)
Part 2: sexual assault, no registered nurse on duty for several days. (download: Report #2)
Part 3: a resident’s hair was matted and dirty; a resident was sent to the hospital emergency room without medical or family information. (download: Report #3)
Part 4: improper care of a skin graft wound, repeated falls (download: Report #4)
Part 5: failure to notify family of a resident’s broken left hand, bedpans not labeled with residents’ names and stored improperly (download: Report #5)

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