Children In Day Care Are Susceptible To Many Of The Same Problems Our Elderly Nursing Home Patients Encounter

Picture-910Despite differences in the number of candles on their birthday cake, children and the elderly have far more similarities than differences.  Our eldest and most junior members of society are particularly susceptible to abuse and mistreatment due to negligent or suspect care provided by caregivers.

As a personal injury lawyer, I have been fortunate to represent children who have suffered an injury in a day care setting due to the negligent or abusive actions of a caregiver and can attest to the fact that many of the same underlying principals that result in nursing home injuries similarly result in mistreatment or injuries in a day care setting: poor training, under-staffing, desire of management to maximize profits over quality of care.

Perhaps due to the fact that I am a proud father of a toddler boy, I feel like I can sincerely appreciate the frustration and — downright anger– parents experience when their child is mistreated at a day care center.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on discussing more about day care center liability, as I believe children– like their elderly counterparts– deserve a voice of advocacy.



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