Celebrities Join To Support Nusing Home Awareness

Nusing Home AwarenessWhat do the following celebrities have in common?

  • Ed Asner
  • Art Linkletter
  • Michael Reagan
  • LAPD Police Chief William Bratton
  • L.A. Public Health Director Jonathan Fielding
  • Jack Canfield
  • Mark Victor Hansen

The above celebrities have joined together together to produce a documentary to bring issues affecting the elderly into the limelight.  They have formed a group called saving our parents to address:

  • Scamming the elderly: Predatory caregivers and crooked conservators
  • Financial scam artists
  • Neglectful nursing homes and generations living together
  • Dangerous hoarding disorders that pose health risks
  • Michael Reagan’s transformational experience with his father, former president Ronald Reagan and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Tips from Marc Hankin, Elder Abuse Attorney
  • Inspirational tips for safe, healthy aging and finding an elder care facility that will work for your family

Check out the organization at: www.savingourparents.com

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