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California May Require Nursing Homes To Display Their Federal Ratings

Nursing Home Federal RatingsA proposal has been sent to Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger for consideration that would force California nursing homes to publicly display their federal CMS ratings.   Under the proposal initiated by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, nursing homes would be required to prominently display their ‘starred rating’ so all nursing home visitors and residents can see them.  CMS’s nursing home ratings are based on a variety of quality controls including: medical care, staffing levels, food sanitation, bedsore mitigation and results from inspections.

This is not the first time Antonvich has advocated to make inspection reports public.  Approximately ten years ago, Antonovich lead an initiative to post health inspection grades in restaurants throughout Los Angeles County.  According to Antonovich, posting nursing home rating would have a positive impact quality of the nursing facilities;

“This vital information equips families to make informed decisions about the care of their loved ones.  It provides incentives for facilities to establish high quality standards and compliance.”

I hope this concept gets implemented in California and throughout the country.  Requiring nursing homes to display their rating would hopefully instill a sense of pride amongst those who operate and work in the nursing home industry.  Does anyone really want to work in a facility receiving one star? Better yet, does any family really want to place their loved one in a facility deemed to be ‘much below average’?

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