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Bad News For Illinois Nursing Home Residents

Bad News For Illinois Nursing Home ResidentsA study by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) has determined that Medicaid is underfunding state long-term care by a whopping $4.2 billion in 2008.  Obviously, the funding shortfall will necessitate budget cuts that impact Medicaid funding for nursing homes.  According to the AHCA report, New York will be the hardest hit with a projected shortfall of $548.1 million, followed by Illinois with a $379.3 shortfall with Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey filling out the top five.

Nursing homes are already feeling the financial impact of the of federal funding problems.  According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Committee, the combined average margin to nursing homes by Medicare and Medicaid programs is negative 1.8%.  In other words, for every $100 a nursing home pays, they are only getting reimbursed $98.20.

How will this nursing home funding crisis affect Illinois nursing home residents?  Clearly, if it hasn’t happened already nursing homes will be forced to cut back on programs and staffing to keep their businesses afloat.  This is definitely bad news for all Illinois nursing home residents and their families.

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