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Assisted Living Facility Willing To Forgive & Forget Nurse’s Criminal Past

Everyone deserves a second chance— or do they?  What about when the individual has a past that makes him / her particularly unsuitable for a particular job?  What if the person is working with particularly vulnerable people?  Should we just ignore the person’s past indiscretions and give them the opportunity to redeem themselves?

Forgive & Forget Nurse’s Criminal PastWhile I can appreciate the gesture of giving someone a new beginning, I certainly hope that it’s not done with the safety my family member at stake!

A news story about an admitted drug user and thief– seemingly two times over–  caught my attention– not so much about the individual himself— but the poor judgment of a second assisted living that hired this person despite the fact that he had a professional record with emblems of his past narcotics thievery and drug addition.

Either blind or indifferent to the nurses criminal past, an unnamed assisted living facility in Minnesota chose to hire the nurse– and give him access to narcotics and other pain medications at their facility.  Unfortunately, the second time was not the charm as the nurse now faces criminal charges for stealing medications from patients at his new employer.

While the nurse awaits his criminal trial, he has thankfully been stripped of his nursing license by the Minnesota Board of Nursing. 

As we await the outcome of the criminal charges, am I the only one who really questions the judgement of the management at the second assisted living facility?  Assuming the drug thefts did occur, I find it unacceptable that a person with track record of reckless conduct was given an opportunity to jeopardize the well-being of another unsuspecting group of assisted living residents.  Perhaps at some point, prosecutors will look towards the facility owners role in this situation and file charges related to their poor judgment and oversight?

What do you think?  Do assisted living workers with criminal backgrounds and other suspicious backgrounds deserve to be working with our elders?

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