Ambulance Stolen From Chicago Nursing Home Results In Multiple Injuries

A private ambulance was recently stolen from a Chicago nursing home resulting in a six car accident with multiple injuries.  The ambulance was taken from Clark Manor Nursing Home located on the 7400 block of North Clark Street and was driven north on Chicago Avenue into Evanston where the the ambulance was involved in a crash.

According to Evanston Police Commander, Tom Guenther, there were several injuries due to the ambulance crash.  “He just kept going at a high rate of speed.  He was driving erratically and it is possible the driver was impaired,” Guenther added.

Witnesses said the driver of the stolen ambulance activated the sirens and mars lights on the vehicle as it erratically.  “He ran the red light and just plowed through three cars,” said Robert Skertich of Chicago.

No nursing home residents where in the ambulance at the time of the crash.  The suspect is in custody of Evanston Police as he awaits formal charges.

Read more about this Chicago ambulance crash here.Ambulance Stolen From Chicago Nursing Home

Ambulance Responsibility For Injuries Sustained In Crashes


When evaluating cases relating to injuries sustained in an ambulance collision, it is important to know: the purpose for operating the ambulance, what entity was operating the vehicle and if the sirens and flashing lights were engaged at the time of the crash. These factors will help in making a determination if ‘tort immunity’ applies to the case or if the case can proceed under a general negligence theory.

“Tort immunity’ refers to laws that insulate government entities and their employees from liability.  The reasoning behind ‘tort immunity’ is that the services provided are so essential to the public’s well-being, that the government and its agents should not be held responsible for mere negligence.  Rather, in many cases involving government entities, an injured party must establish a higher standard of conduct, ‘willful and wanton’, to successfully recover.

Most nursing home residents are transferred from the facility to doctors appointment or medical procedures via ambulance.  As lawyers who are accustomed to handling injuries that occur during the transportation of elderly people, we can evaluate your situation and help make a determination how best to proceed and under what potential theories to maximize you recovery.  You can always speak to our injury lawyers for a free consultation and learn more about your rights.  All consultations are kept in the strictest confidence.

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