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A Rosewood Care Center Loses Almost Half Its Staff After Probe Reveals Many Employees Working Illegally

Picture-74A probe by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the staff at Rosewood Care Center in Northbrook, IL revealed many employees at the Chicagoland nursing home were working at the facility illegally— without proper paperwork the government requires for aliens to legally work.

Over the course of a three month inspection of worker documents, Customs officials determined that many of the work-documents were missing or expired.

Not surprisingly, Mike Brady, president of Bravo Care of Northbrook, the management company for Rosewood, says the nursing home not at fault for hiring the workers.  Rather, Brady claims the nursing home was duped by workers who faked or forged documents to get jobs.

After news of the illegal employment was formally disclosed, 51 of the 130 nursing home workers abandoned their positions at the facility.  Consequently, many essential positions at the nursing home were left vacant.

Mr. Brady said not to worry.  “I would say our care being provided in excellent.  We’re still operating,” he added.

Who can blame these workers?

Particularly in difficult economic times, I’m sure these people were eager to snatch up these jobs. From the patients perspective, I’m sure that many of them were glad to have these foreign employees caring for them in many unglamorous– yet extremely necessary positions.

Given the substantial number of illegal aliens working at this facility, I simply find it hard to believe that the nursing home owners and management are completely innocent in their role in this situation.

Whoever is responsible for this staffing problem, I certainly hope that the nursing home patients at Rosewood Care Center of Northbrook, do not suffer any adverse effects with the huge turnover of staff. Read more about the staffing problems at this Illinois nursing home here.

For more information on nursing homes in Chicago look here. For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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