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A Call To Abolish Arbitration Clauses

Mother Jones, the independent, non-profit, investigative authority recently addressed arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts.  The blog entry addresses how nursing homes take advantage of unsuspecting elderly in order for them to ‘sign away’ their right to a jury trial.  The article details Ken Conner, congressional testimony regarding arbitration clauses.  Mr. Conner testified:

  “All too often, the story is the same: avoidable pressure ulcers (bed sores) penetrating to the bone;  wounds with dirty bandages that are infected and foul smelling; patients languishing in urine and feces for hours on end; hollow-eyed residents suffering from avoidable malnutrition, unable to ask for help because their tongues are parched and swollen from preventable dehydration; dirty catheters clogged with crystalline sediment and  yellow-green urine in the bag.”

Contact your congressman to tell him or her to vote to ban all mandatory arbitration clauses in nursing home cases.















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