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84-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident Beaten To Death

84-year-old Raul Saldivar was recently beaten to death in a Texas nursing home.  Police say Mr. Saldivar was in his bed, when a significantly younger nursing home resident entered his room and beat him to death with medical equipment.  The younger resident  apparently had left his confined area and entered Mr. Saldivar’s room.  According to nursing home, the perpetrator was not permitted to be in an area with older residents.  Mr. Saldivar died from complications related to suffered a skull fracture at Valley Baptist Medical Center.

oldandyoungDid the young perpetrator have a criminal record?  Did the younger nursing home resident have a history of violence?  Nursing home staff have a duty to keep their residents safe from intruders as well as from violence from other residents.  Unfortunately, problems continually arise when nursing homes fail to segregate nursing home residents with drastic age differences and physical abilities.

For laws related to Texas nursing homes, look here.

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