Medication Errors Caused By Patients On The Rise

A study published in the Achieves of Internal Medicine reveals an increase in the number of peopleiStock_000005446351XSmall1 who die at home from unsafe use of legal medications.  Most of the medications taken in peoples’ homes have ‘little or no  professional support’  according to Dr. Michael Negrete, a pharmacist and CEO of  the Pharmacy Foundation of  California.   The study further revealed that most Americans are aware of home medication error problems, but most assume that doctors and pharmacists are in possession of all their medications and are monitoring their use.  Read more about medication errors at home here.

The results of this study are particularly relevant to seniors who are in less structured programs or in long-term care facilities where there is relaxed supervision.  In those situations, it is important for seniors to make both the nursing staff and physicians aware of all medications they are on.

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