British Study Presents More Concerns Over Long-Term Problems With DePuy & Other Metal Hips

metal hip.jpgDePuy hip recipients may have further cause for concern following a recently published British study concerning metal-on-metal artificial hips.

The study published in The National Joint Registry for England and Whales analyzed data from an orthopedic implant registry in Britain that including recipients of metal-on-metal hip replacements from different manufacturers.

Statistics confirm that the well-publicized problems with the DePuy ASR and system are well grounded— and may get even worse.  The studies findings include:

  • Within six years of receiving a DePuy ASR hip replacement, 29% of patients required a replacement
  • DePuy ASR failure rates accelerate substantially after the five years of use
  • Metal debris generation, considered to be byproduct of metal hips, is responsible for both device failure as well as crippling metal poisoning conditions
  • Metal-on-metal hips have a far shorter life than devises manufacturer with a combination of metal and plastic

My take:

This studies findings reinforce that the problems with the DePuy ASR are much worse than Johnson and Johnson originally disclosed.  Just a year ago, DePuy announced ASR failure rates of 12-13% which appear to grossly underestimate the extent of this hip replacement defect.

With a lower reported failure rate, I suspect many DePuy ASR hip replacement may have discounted some of the pain and problems they have encountered in lieu in seeking medical care.  With a revised failure rate of close to 30%— and the development of hip problems at time intervals not previously analyzed, I suspect that we are going to see a new wave of people coming forward with complaints related to their ASR implant.

Also, let’s not forget that this is a problem that is indeed here to stay for the coming years as large numbers of people continued to receive the DePuy ASR device though 2010.  At the very least, the more recent Depuy ASR recipients will need to be closely monitored over the next five or six years to determine the conditon of their implants.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents patients with varying complications related to DePuy ASR products.  Presently, we represent a diverse base of clients of different ages and complications including: hip revision, pain and metal poisoning.  Additionally, we have an entire group of asymptomatic clients who recently received a DePuy product and wish to be monitored as their device ages.  Given the breadth of DePuy complaints, we would honor the opportunity to discuss your situation and your accompanying legal rights.


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