Bold Move By FDA Requires Metal-On-Metal Hip Makers To Conduct Safety Evaluations Of Their Products

After the widespread problems with metal-on-metal artificial hips manufactured by DePuy, the FDA is now heightening their supervision of similar products manufactured by other companies.

In addition to early failure rates, which necessitate a second surgery, metal artificial hips have also been associated with painful medical complications when bits of the metals wear off and become embedded in the surrounding tissues.  Yet, in some circumstances the metal artificial hips have been related to blood poisoning due to the bodies absorption of metal such as: chromium and cobalt that are commonly used in the manufacturing process.

FDA Requires Metal-On-Metal Hip Makers To Conduct Safety Evaluations Of Their ProductsKudos, to my colleague Ian Alexander, a leader in the DePuy litigation, for sharing a recent article from The New York Times regarding the landmark actions by the FDA.  The Times is reporting that the the FDA recently sent out letters to 20 manufacturers of the devices requiring them to submit a proposed plan within 30 days as to how each company will monitor the safety of people who have already received their metal artificial hips.  By collecting data from metal hip recipients, the FDA is hopeful that in can get a better handle on the the long-term safety from both a metal absorption standpoint as well as product failure rates.

With more than 250,000 hip replacement procedures performed every year, I applaud the strong stand taken by the FDA to help provide some clarity regarding product safety to both past and perspective patients.  However, given the popularity of these products, I find it somewhat shameful that some of the big names in hip replacement technology such as: Zimmer, Johnson & Johnson, Wright Medical, Stryker and Biomet haven’t already initiated similar studies on their own.

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