Reflex sympathetic dystrophy – (RSD) A neurological condition that interferes with skin, muscles, joints and bone that has high levels of pain and is progressive.

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE’s)- Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly provide assistance for seniors who are no longer capable of living independently.  However, unlike nursing homes (skilled nursing facilities), RCFE’s have no medical accreditation and are not permitted to provide medical care.  When a patient requires medical attention, the facility must get the patient relocated to a different facility. For discussion of negligence at Residential Care Facilities, look here.

Respite care – A relief in caring for a family member who usually needs total care by others or to live in a residential facility outside of the home; this care is short-term.

Restraint – Physically stopping a person from moving; holding the person down, tying them to the bed for safety to themselves. See discussion on nursing home restraints here.

Rotavirus – An infection in the bowels and causes diarrhea.

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