Kennedy terminal ulcer – Specific type of bedsore (also referred to as a pressure sore, pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer) that is characterized by rapid onset and rapid tissue breakdown; it was named after Karen Lou Kennedy-Evans (who discovered the medical condition); these develop from poor blood circulation because of unrelieved pressure. These are different from other bedsores because – rapid onset (wounds progress within hours); grows downward instead of horizontally; mostly found on the sacrum; occur almost always in elderly; bedsores are usually irregularly shaped (pear-like); death occurs quickly (24-48 hours of onset). Read here for further discussion on Kennedy Ulcers.

Ketoacidosis – The body does not use sugar as an energy source because of no or not enough insulin instead fat is used. Learn more about this issue facing nursing home patients here.

Kidney failure – When the kidneys no longer clean the bodies blood by removing excess fluid, minerals, and waste; wastes that are harmful can build up in the body and the body can retain excess fluid.

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