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Nursing Home Sued After Resident Fractures Both Hips In Separate Falls

Resident Fractures Both Hips In Separate FallsA nursing home negligence lawsuit has been filed against Stearns Nursing and Rehabilitation Center after a 95-year-old resident fell on multiple occasions and suffered hip fractures. The lawsuit alleges that the facility failed to implement fall precautions despite the fact the facility knew the resident suffered from Alzheimer’s, was generally confused and considered to be a ‘high fall risk’.

The lawsuit claims, Stearns suffered multiple falls resulting in injuries during her admission from May 25th through July 7, 2007. In particular, the lawsuit alleges the following specific incidents:

  • On May 27, the resident wandered the hallways, unattended, and fell fracturing her left hip.
  • On June 6, while left unattended in a wheelchair and with a shut-off personal alarm, she fell out of the wheelchair.
  • On June 15, the resident pulled herself out of her wheelchair and roamed the hallways un-assisted and fell, fracturing her right hip

The lawsuit is pending in Madison County Circuit Court.  Read more about this lawsuit against Stearns Nursing and Rehabilitation Center here.

Nursing Home Falls

More than 1,800 people die each year in nursing home falls.  All health care professionals in the nursing home setting must work together to help encourage nursing home safety.  Nursing homes are required to conduct a fall-risk assessment for every resident to determine who may be at risk for falls.  This puts the staff on notice as to who may need special attention and sets forth what accommodations should be in place for each resident.

Additionally, staff should always be on the lookout for residents who may require assistance getting about.  If residents have a history of falls, the facility should consider using alarms on chairs or beds to notify the staff when the person attempts to walk on their own.

Falls in nursing homes occur for a variety of reasons.  Some of the more common causes for falls  are:

  • Muscle weakness and walking or gait problems
  • Hazards in the nursing home- wet floors, poor lighting, improper be heights, improperly maintained wheelchairs, equipment left out of place
  • Medications-  Drugs that effect the central nervous system, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs (psychoactive drugs)
  • Improperly fitting shoes or incorrect walking aids
  • Frequent use of restraints
  • Inadequate staffing levels that fail to provide sufficient assistance to residents

If your loved one sustained a fall during a nursing home admission, our nursing home litigation team will provide a free case analysis to determine if a lawsuit against the facility is warranted.  Why not put our experience advocating on behalf of the elderly to work for you today?

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