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Lexington Care Center Named As Defendant In Case Involving Multiple Falls

Case Involving Multiple FallsLexington Care Center of Lake Zurich, Illinois has been named in nursing home negligence lawsuit filed in Cook County.  The lawsuit alleges Chicago nursing home failed to monitor an 83-year-old resident who was a known high fall risk.  The woman allegedly fell five times from February through August, 2007.

The fifth and final fall at Lexington resulted in a fractured hip that required surgery.  Unfortunately, the woman remained at Lexington for five days before the staff transferred her to a hospital for x-rays and medical treatment.  Unhappy with the care Lexington provided, the family chose an alternative facility for the woman’s medical care following her discharge from the hospital. Read more about this nursing home lawsuit against Lexington Care Center of Lake Zurich here.

Nursing Home Falls

More than 1,800 people die each year in nursing home falls.  All health care professionals in the nursing home setting must work together to help encourage nursing home safety.  Nursing homes are required to conduct a fall-risk assessment for every resident to determine who may be at risk for falls.  This puts the staff on notice as to who may need special attention and sets forth what accommodations should be in place for each resident.

Additionally, staff should always be on the lookout for residents who may require assistance getting about.  If residents have a history of falls, the facility should consider using alarms on chairs or beds to notify the staff when the person attempts to walk on their own.

Falls in nursing homes occur for a variety of reasons.  Some of the more common causes for falls  are:

  • Muscle weakness and walking or gait problems
  • Hazards in the nursing home- wet floors, poor lighting, improper be heights, improperly maintained wheelchairs, equipment left out of place
  • Medications-  Drugs that effect the central nervous system, such as sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs (psychoactive drugs)
  • Improperly fitting shoes or incorrect walking aids
  • Frequent use of restraints

Lexington Health Care

Lexington Health Care is a large company housing more than 3,000 people in the Chicago-area.  Lexington operates 21 nursing homes under the the names: Lexington Health Care Centers, Lexington Retirement Centers and Merit Home Health Care.  There are ten health care centers in:

  • Bloomingdale
  • Chicago Ridge
  • Elmhurst
  • LaGrange
  • Lake Zurich
  • Lombard
  • Orland Park
  • Schaumburg
  • Streamwood
  • Wheeling


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