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Nursing Home Aide Fired After She Forgets To Secure Paralyzed Patient In Wheelchair

A basic omission by a CNA at a Minnesota nursing home (Benedictine Health Center) is responsible for various injuries and the subsequent death of a physically disabled patient.  According to news reports, the CNA failed to secure the patient into a mechanical lift used to transfer the physically disabled patient from her bed to the bathroom.

An investigation into the incident was conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health that determined that the aide’s negligent conduct was to blame for the fall-related injuries.  The injuries from the fall resulted in a rapid physical decline in the patient and she died within a week of the incident.

Transfer-related injuries are a common type of injury sustained by many nursing home patients.  Sadly, most of these injuries are the result of poor training and chronic under-staffing at these facilities when staff simply does not have the manpower to safely transfer patients from one apparatus to another.

While the nursing home itself was not held responsible for the injuries by the state investigators, this patient’s family may be successful in a lawsuit against the facility for the patient’s injuries and death as the CNA was acting in the course of her employment at the time of the incident.

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