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ManorCare Facility Named In Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit After Patient Fractures Leg

A nursing home negligence lawsuit has been filed by an elderly woman who claims she was injured due to improper care by the staff at ManorCare at Elk Grove Village.  As reported on Trib Local Schaumburg, the nursing home lawsuit alleges that the patient fell as staff were transferring her from her bed to a wheelchair.  As a result of the fall, the woman sustained multiple fractures in her leg.

ManorCare Named In Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit In addition to negligence allegations, the lawsuit further alleges that ManorCare violated Illinois’ Nursing Home Care Act when they improperly transferred a frail patient.

Dropped Patients

Many nursing home patients are completely dependent on staff for transfers to and from different equipment throughout the day.  It is important that nursing homes fairly assess all patients and determine the level of assistance required based on the patients level and strength and mobility as well as the patient’s physical size.

Further, it is important that staff adhere to the specifications set forth in the patient’s care plan be it a one, two or three person assist.  Unfortunately, many staff feel obligated to attempt to do patient transfers without the assistance of their peers due to under-staffing by facilities.

If your family member or friend has sustained an injury during a transfer into or out of a bed, wheelchair, walker, geri-chair or toilet, the incident may give rise to a claim for damages against the facility.  By contacting your state’s health department or other agency that regulates nursing homes, soon after the incident, an inspection may be done in a timely manner to determine why the incident occurred.

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