Family Awarded $546,000 In ManorCare Lawsuit

The Chicago Tribune recently reported on a jury verdict where the family of a deceased nursing home patient was awarded $546,000 in a lawsuit brought against Friendship Manor Care in Grinnell (Iowa) and Midwest Ambulance Services of Iowa.

ManorCare LawsuitThe lawsuit was brought about by a 2009 incident in which an elderly patient was being brought out of the ManorCare facility and fell from a gurney due to cracks on the pathway on the nursing home property.

The fall resulted in the man striking his head on the pavement and lapsing into a coma from his head injuries.  Several days later the man died.

The Iowa jury apportioned fault as follows: Friendship Manor Care 90%, Midwest Ambulance Service of Iowa 10%.

This lawsuit highlights the need to conduct a thorough investigation of every potential nursing home negligence case to determine who the potential parties may be.  In some cases, all parties may not be readily apparent and an investigation may be necessary to evaluate the culpability of responsible parties.

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