Sexual Abuse

Nursing home sex abusePerhaps the most unspeakable act that occurs in nursing homes, hospitals and other long-term care facilities involves the sexual abuse of patients.  The sad fact is that every patient— young, old, male, female, disabled or able-bodied can be a victim of unwanted sexual contact—regardless of the facilities reputation.

A Particularly Vulnerable Group

Due to the fact that many people in nursing homes, hospital and assisted living facilities are in a weakened physical or emotional condition, they are particularly vulnerable to aggressive sexual acts by other residents, visitors or even staff. Many cases of sexual abuse never get reported to authorities due to a societal stigma with the issue.  Nevertheless, research consistently tells us that those who seek medical and psychological help after an event position themselves for the best long-term recovery.

In the case of mentally and physically disabled patients whom have been sexually traumatized, specialized treatment may be necessary with professionals who are able to recognize the symptoms of sexual trauma.

Legal Implications of Sexual Abuse at a Medical Facility

Sexual abuse and assault cases during an admission to a nursing home or hospital, may expose the facility to liability for the act based on their failure to:

  • Monitor patients
  • Conduct pre-employment screening of staff
  • Conduct criminal and sexual predator screening of new patients
  • Allowing visitors unrestricted access to the other patients
  • Failing to keep violent patients away from more vulnerable ones

Sexual Abuse Attorneys Representing Nursing Home Patients

We have successfully represented victims of sexual abuse against individual facilities, national corporations and state agencies in the following situations:

  • Rape
  • Sodomy
  • Sexual assault
  • Clergy abuse
  • Sexual abuse of children, senior and disabled
  • Molestation

Our experience handling sexual abuse and assault cases has enabled us to develop relationships with nationally recognized experts.  Experts in the fields of sexual abuse can assist both in the treatment aspects of the individual and in substantiating damages.  While some sexual abuse cases do require litigation, we are always mindful of the well-being of the victim and every effort is made to minimize the impact on the person.  Some of our sexual abuse cases have been satisfactorily been resolved prior to the inception of litigation and in a confidential manner– further lessening the impact on the individual. 888-424-5757

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