Assisted Living Injuries

Living in assisted facilitiesFor many elderly, assisted living facilities allow a certain amount of independence while still receiving the care and monitoring that they need for certain daily tasks and health care requirements. While not as restrictive as a nursing home, assisted living facilities are given the responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their residents.  Residents are often dependent on their caregivers for protection and prevention of injuries. Unfortunately this has lead to abuse and neglect of elderly residents in assisted living facilities by the very people that are being paid to care for them.

Rights Of Residents In Assisted Living Environments

Even though assisted living facilities often offer private living quarters and independence for their residents, they also have a duty to protect the rights and safety of those in their care. According to the Illinois Department on Aging, those living in assisted or supportive living facilities have the following rights:

  • Safety. Residents have the right to a safe living environment and to be protected from abuse from anyone in the facility and protection of their property. They have the right to services to promote health but also may deny any services.
  • Health care participation. Residents have the right to control and participate in their own health or service plan. This includes managing their own medications and medical treatment.
  • Privacy rights. Residents in assisted living facilities have a right to their privacy and to not have personal information, including medical information, shared with others without permission. They have the right to receive and make phone calls in private.
  • Financial rights. Residents have a right to manage their own financial accounts and do not need to give access to their finances to anyone in the assisted care facility.

Abuse Of Assisted Living Resident Rights

Unfortunately, even though there are specific rules and regulations protecting those in assisted living environments rights, these residents often become victims of abuse or sustain injuries from substandard care. These facilities that are charged with their care can become negligent in their safety and even cause direct harm through physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse. Some of the common abuses of these rights include:

  • Lack of health supervision. Although residents should have a certain amount of independence in these facilities, they are usually in need of supervision for their health. Facilities that do not monitor or properly supervise their residents can be responsible for  malnutrition and other neglect of health issues.
  • Safety concerns. Assisted living facilities must provide a safe environment for their residents. Poorly lit hallways, lack of floor maintenance and other safety hazards can cause falls and other injuries. They also must provide adequate security and maintain safety equipment such as fire and security alarms.
  • Abuse. Residents can become vulnerable to abuse when those in charge of their care become their abusers. Although patients have the right to be protected from any abuse from both staff and other residents, it is all too common for abuse to occur in these facilities, most often by staff members. The administrations of these businesses are accountable for the people they hire and for any abuse that occurs in their facilities.

Get Help From Attorneys Who Appreciate The Dangers Facing Residents Of Assisted Living Facilities

When these rights are abused, assisted living residents have the right to not only report abuse and neglect to the authorities, but often file lawsuits for any injuries that were caused. With the help of an experienced assisted living facility lawyer, victims can receive compensation for injuries that occur due to neglect, abuse or lack of supervision in assisted living facilities. Call our team today and receive a full evaluation of your case without any cost or obligation on your end.


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