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Troubled Illinois Nursing Home Says Adios To Federal & State Funding After Authorities Find Ongoing Problems. Is Their Nursing Home License Next?

Sometimes change is a good thing– especially when it comes to poorly performing nursing homes.  Too often, poorly performing nursing homes get stuck in a rut, simply because there is little incentive to change.

However, after three inspections where nursing home inspectors noted ‘serious problems’ at Fox River Pavilion, the facility has been stripped of its Medicare and Medicare funding.  Although Fox River may still have a nursing home license, when a facility loses its ability to accept governmental funding, it effectively forces the facility to rely solely on ‘private pay’ patients.

Goodbye FundingRelying exclusively on ‘private pay’ patients effectively forces facilities to immediately correct their dangerous procedures or close their doors as most nursing homes rely on approximately 90% of their funding from the government.  Nonetheless, the facility can still legally operate.

Fox River Pavilion nursing home has been repeatedly cited for events involving improper supervision of aggressive, mentally ill and suicidal patient.  Recent problems at the Aurora, IL nursing home include:

  • More than 20 minutes in delay to provide medical attention to a patient who died from a heart problem following a fight with another patient at the facility,
  • The sexual assault of a disabled woman who was a resident at the facility
  • Failing to monitor a 48-year-old mentally challenged resident who ate latex gloves, napkins and toilet paper

Yanking a nursing home’s license may seem extreme situation and perhaps even considered an over-reaction by some.  Nonetheless, as a nursing home lawyer who has witnessed repeated episodes of patient injury at facilities with a troubled record related to patient care, I firmly believe this intervention has likely prevented more tragedies at this nursing home.

For more information on nursing homes in Chicago look here. For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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