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Should Nursing Homes Restrict The Sexual Activity Of Disabled Patients?

A recently filed lawsuit accuses Rainbow Beach Nursing Center (Chicago, IL) of negligently attending to the sexual health of a schizophrenic patient who became pregnant during her admission to the facility.  

The family of the patient who gave birth to a handicapped boy, claims that the facility was negligent for allowing mentally disabled patients to engage in sexual relations without comprehending the impacts of their actions.

According to the patient’s sister, Shaune Williamson Ofori-Amanfo, “These facilities accept responsibility for caring for people who aren’t capable of making life decisions.  They accept the responsibility of giving them food, of cleaning their clothes and, to some extent, their comings and goings.”  

Yet when Wiiiamson Ofori-Amanfo questioned staff why they were allowing disabled patients to have sex, staff essentially shrugged off her concerns claiming that sexual activity was an undeniable right.

Now, she is faced with the task of caring for her disabled sister and her six-year-old nephew.  I guess, we will find out what the jury thinks on this one.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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