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Nursing Home Spotlight: Parkshore Estates Nursing & Rehab; Chicago, IL (Previously known as “Kenwood Healthcare Center”)

One can only imagine the pain of a female resident at Parkshore Estates Nursing & Rehab as she repeatedly cried out “Jesus, have mercy,” on February 8, 2012 as two nurses brusquely changed pressure sore dressings on her heel. The pain became so overwhelming, according to a state Health Department survey, that the resident screamed as loud as she could and tried to pull back her foot.

Nursing Home Spotlight: Parkshore Estates Nursing & Rehab“(The resident) exhibited facial grimacing,” said the survey, from February 10. “During the entire dressing change, neither (nurse) stopped the procedure to ask if the resident needed additional pain medication…nor asked the resident if she wanted them to stop to give her a break.”

A certain amount of pain is unavoidable during pressure sore care, since pressure sores are essentially open wounds. But the unwillingness of health care professionals to control the pain of a severely distressed patient violates federal law.

An analysis of seven complaint surveys dating back to December 2010 found a pattern of incompliance at Parkshore Estates. Along with neglecting to effectively manage patients’ pain, Parkshore Estates:

  • Failed to administer immunizations
  • Failed to notify residents’ family members of significant changes
  • Failed to intervene when a resident physically threatened another resident
  • Mishandled money of deceased residents
  • Used physical restraints when they were unnecessary

Another disturbing incident of note was recorded in a survey from January 14, 2011. A female resident asked a surveyor to speak with her in private, telling her that “something had happened to her.” During the course of the conversation, the resident revealed that she was “not right” after a male nurse “put his hands on her” and called her a “bad name.” The resident said she’d been so desperate to escape from the grip of the male nurse at the time, that she slid out of her wheelchair onto the floor to attract attention.

According to surveyors, the female resident expressed profound fear of the nurse, who was still employed by the facility at the time of the report. The nurse was 6’3” and weighed 254 pounds. No disciplinary action had been taken after the incident, which occurred on December 6, 2010.

The surveys make it clear that Parkshore Estates is a very troubled place. Furthermore, the facility received just one out of five possible stars on Medicare’s “Nursing Home Compare” Web site, and was inspected a total of 14 times in 2011. The average number of inspections for Illinois nursing homes is one per year, according to the Illinois Department of Health.

If you have a loved one who suffered as a result of abusive practices at Parkshore Estates, we would be honored discuss your legal rights with you. All of our initial consultations are free of charge and completely confidential.

Please note: A Nursing Homes Abuse Blog investigation revealed that the owners of Parkshore Estates, Michael Blisko and Moishe Gubin, have been linked to several other out-of-compliance nursing homes in the Chicago area. They include:

Ambassador Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

Belhaven Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

Central Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

Continental Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

Niles Nursing & Rehab Center – Niles, IL

Northlake Nursing & Rehab Center – Merrillville, IN

Southpoint Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

West Suburban Nursing & Rehab Center – Chicago, IL

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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