Nursing Home Spotlight: Collinsville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

According to a January, 2010 report from the Illinois Department of Health, Colliinsville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center made several errors with respect to handling incidents in which a patient was sexually assaulted by another patient.

The nursing home survey revealed that in November, 2009 a convicted felon as admitted to the facility as he was accompanied by his parole officer.  Management at Colliinsville was also aware of the man’s criminal background and existing diagnoses of:Nursing Home Spotlight: Collinsville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Cocaine dependency
  • Hepatitis C
  • Antisocial personalty disorder- a perverse pattern of disregard for and violation of, the rights of others that begins in early adolescence and continues into adulthood

Even with the man’s questionable background, officials allowed the man to enter the Collinsville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center as a patient.  However, within just a few weeks of his admission to the Collinsville, the man was involved in numerous incidents which call into question the facilities judgment in admitting him.

There were multiple reports where the new patient entered the room of a female patient, closed the door and began to grope the patient.  Despite the fact that the female patient voiced her concerns about her safety due to the acts of co-resident, the facility failed to take any interventional acts.  Moreover, despite the patients complaints of threats to her safety to staff on the floor, the staff never communicated the safety concerns to the director of nursing or other management at Collinsville.

In response to the multiple errors made at Collinsville Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, the Illinois Department of Health cited the facility for violations related to the Nursing Home Care Act.  The agency also issued at Type A Violation and fined the facility $20,000.

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