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Nursing Home Spotlight: Clearbrook East in Rolling Meadows, Illinois Fined For Violations Involving Neglect

As we reported in a recent blog entry,  thirty-two nursing homes made it onto the first-quarter 2009 “violator list” published by Illinois Department of Public Health (“IDPH”) in March.  Today we shine a spotlight on one of those facilities: Clearbrook East.

Nursing Home Spotlight: Clearbrook East in Rolling MeadowsClearbrook East is a 92-bed, non-profit nursing home facility, located at 3802 South Old Wilke Road in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, that serves adults with developmental disabilities.  Its website proclaims that it is committed to “creating innovative opportunities, services and support for persons with disabilities.”   Regrettably, the IDPH report suggests that Clearbrook East fails to do all that it should to protect its clients from neglect.

On January 8, 2009, the IDPH issued Clearbrook East a violation notice and fined it $15,000.  It found that the facility did not ensure that there were adequate protections in place for resident safety.  Most significantly, Clearbrook East staff failed to develop and implement the facility’s policy to prevent neglect.

IDPH found, for example, that the staff’s failed to properly follow residents ‘care plans’.  During the course of its survey, IDPH investigators determined that the staff’s failure to follow its policy resulted in a resident suffering a seizure and another resident suffering multiple multiple falls with serious injuries on another.

With respect the the fall incident, investigators determined that Clearbrook East staff held a meeting specifically to discuss this particular client’s extensive history of injuries from falls and how to prevent such falls in the future.  However, just four months later, the client fell again, this time sustaining two fractured ribs.  The staff’s failure to follow-through on the preventative measures constituted a violation of the policy barring neglect.

The IDPH regulates nursing home facilities and establishes basic guidelines to ensure that residents of nursing homes are protected.  A facility’s failure to follow IDPH regulations can result in needless neglect and abuse of residents.  In the Clearbrook East, clear policies on neglect could have prevented a resident prone to seizures from a painful injury caused by a fall.

Our firm is committed to protecting the rights of residents– especially those with disabilities– to live free from injury and neglect and we appreciate the work of the IDPH in monitoring these facilities for compliance with basic standards.  If you would like to discuss an incident involving neglect at Clearbrook East, or any other facility, we would be honored to discuss you situation.  (888) 424-5757

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