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Nursing Home Inspectors To Seek New Jobs Following Discovery Of Dangerous Living Conditions

Cincinnati City Council members are requesting that the city get out of the nursing home inspection business following the discovery of ‘crack house’ conditions at Westside Health Center and Terrace Assisted Living Facility.  The council members suggest the investigatory responsibilities be turned over to the Ohio Department of Public Health to improve the quality of resident care at the facilities.  Safety concerns were discovered at the facilities during a police raid on March 13th.

Nursing Home Inspectors To Seek New JobsAbout time!! Nursing home inspectors have an important job to protect the safety and welfare of the facilities residents.  If the the inspectors fail to discover safety violations at these facilities, then who will?  Passing the torch on safety inspections to a state group of inspectors is similar to the inspection system used in Illinois Nursing Homes.  Read more about the proposal to remove Cincinnati Nursing Home Inspectors here.

For more information on the ‘crack house’ conditions found at Westside Health Center and Terrace Assisted Living Facility look here and here.

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