Nursing Home Abuse: CNA Punches 87-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident In The Face For Not Following Instructions

Nursing Home AbuseSeemingly straight out of the fiction section, another CNA stands accused of punching an elderly person she was responsible for caring for. The Champaign County Sheriff arrested Sharoia D. Hill of Danville, IL, for the aggravated battery of a senior citizen.

The alleged battery took place at the Champaign County Nursing Home in Southern Illinois, where Hill was a CNA in the Alzheimer’s unit.  According to Hill’s co-workers, the elderly man involved would not return a gait belt, used to help transfer residents, back to Hill.  In apparent retaliation, Hill punched the man two times with a closed fist.  A co-worker witnessed the abuse and immediately alerted authorities.

Hill has been working at the Champaign County Nursing Home since March 17th.  If convicted of the felony charges, Hill faces two to five years in prison and fines up to $25,000.

Is the facility responsible for the actions of the CNA?

If the facility had knowledge of the CNA’s violent tendencies or the facility failed to do a proper background check prior to hiring they may be held responsible for this incident.  If however, the facility had no prior knowledge of this CNA’s violent propensities, it is unlikely that they have an legal responsibility in a civil lawsuit.

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0 responses to “Nursing Home Abuse: CNA Punches 87-Year-Old Nursing Home Resident In The Face For Not Following Instructions”

  1. Eli says:

    Abusing a patient is not acceptable,but patients abusing CNAS is not acceptable either. I have seen many patient abusing CNAS punching,kicking,scraching to the point of bleeding and there is not a law to protect nurses & Nurses assistant on that issue ? The state of arizona should have a set ratio of patient per CNAS yet they don’t any more? CNAS end up with 31 patient per night shift? & still nursing home expect CNAS to give quality care? Many nurses are very dissrespectful with CNAS to the point of driving them to leave the job, though CNAS does all the hard work and are not appreciated at all? Every one knows about nurses shortage for LPNS,RNS,CNAS and yet many do not work as a team but are more worry about personal ego, the power they have & money? rather then creating a loving and caring environement for all patients and all staff? Rns & Lpns should be written up as well like CNAS when they verbally abuses CNAS and be fired as fast as CNAS are for not taking their rude attitude.How sad is the politique of nursing and yet people still don t realise that what matter the most in all we do is to love one another. All nursing staff need to be recalled not to get into the medical field just for money but to care for sick people in need of quality care and compassion.
    I am a CNA that says,enough of the abuses. The health department of Arizona should ratio the amount of patient given per CNAS & Nurses need to put their foot into their mouth instead of abusing CNAS verbally all the time, and making CNAS leave the job or trying to make the CNAS do their job yet Nurses get pay for what they do, and CNAS do not get pay enough for the huge amount of work given.

  2. robbin says:

    what was the ratio at this place. if cna’s don”t get more help soon you might see more then this.

  3. Mrs. P. says:

    I have been in the healthcare field for the last eighteen years and have worked in every area. The problem with healthcare today is that everyone has forgotten the reason we work in the field-for the patients or residents we take care of.There is no respect all the way around not from coworker to coworker and alot of people are not there for the people they are supposed to be taking care of it is only for the status and title behind their name.Alot of nurses absloutely and outright disrespect the CNA’s that work with them because they feel they are no one because they did not complete the level of education that they did without even realizing without CNAs the facility would not function properly.Alot of nurseshave gotten away from Nursing 101 they feel they are to good to put anyone on a bed pan or even halp someone to the bathroom–What if that was your loved one that needed assistance.
    There is no excuse at anytime for abuse to any patient or resident! Where we fall short is alot of CNAs are OVERWORKED and UNDERPAID!Which leads to frustration and stress!With no help or teamwork from the nurses who are actually fully responsible for these patients.
    CNAs have no advocates and no appreciation for all the hard work that they do. Bathing,dressing,feeding, grooming,transfering,repositioning,incontinent care,being there veryday to do alot of things that these that we take care of can no longer do for themselves and that some family members will not do.
    Every Cna is not an uneducated impoverished person everyone has their own reason or story why they choose the field that they work in some have kids hat they have to raise and cant afford to go back to that school at that time.Any nurse reading this do you remember your first time working the floor after you just got your first job fresh out of nursing school? Think back maybe you will remember how you were treated or talked to you when you made that first med error.
    Bottom line is we are supposed to be here to make the patient feel comfortable and secure while in our care-when they see that the staff working with them is not on one accord how do you think that makes them or even their family members feel?
    Whether you are a housekeeper or you work in dietary, maintenace or administration everyone has an important and vital role in any facilities daily function and operation.It doesnt matter who you are from patients to staff NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ABUSED!PHYSICALLY OR VERBALLY!AND WHOEVER IT IS SHOULD BE HELD ACOUNTABLE!
    The next time you clock in just take minuteto remember why and who you are there for because it is not for you–oh yhea by the way it just takes 1/2 of a second to say GOODMORNING!

  4. moe says:

    ive been a cna since 1973 and allthe nursing homes ive ever worked in is the same old story short staffed same people on light duty same people that constantly call in sick, lazy nurses that wont lift a finger to help the list goes on and on to the point im burned out and want a different job due to the wear and tear and abuse to your body alone

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