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More Staffing & Stiffer Fines. Welcome To The New Way Of Doing Business For Illinois Nursing Homes?

More Staffing & Stiffer FinesPerhaps in response to the widely publicized problems involving violence at Illinois Nursing Homes, new legislation would force facilities to increase their staffing levels and improve the care provided to their patients or risk larger fines imposed by the state.

According to legislative sponsor, Senator Jacqueline Collins,

” We are here to say quite boldly and courageously that we’re willing to take on the nursing home industry. For too long they’ve had the influence and power in this state and I want to say that we can mount a strong coalition to state together to fight for policy changes that truly address the disparities in care and the lack of care.”

Not surprisingly, the proposed legislation is already being opposed by nursing home industry insiders as unnecessary and too aggressive.

Certainly any legislation that is aimed at improving patient care should be applauded.  For too long nursing home patients in Illinois have be unnecessarily victimized by a system where nursing home operators can legally put their desire for profits ahead of patient needs.  Maybe this legislation could help turn the tables?

Read more about this proposed nursing home legislation here.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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