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More Crooks Nabbed In Chicago Nursing Home

If you’ve been following many of the news headlines regarding Chicago Nursing Homes, you’d likely think that these facilities are teaming with violent patients.  Well, ‘teaming’ may be a little strong, but these facilities do seem to have an alarming number of unsavory characters who have no business living in nursing homes— let alone sitting side-by-side with particularly vulnerable patients.

More Crooks Nabbed In Chicago Nursing HomeTo her credit, Attorney General Lisa Madigan does at least acknowledge the problem with having people with criminal records and arrest warrant living freely amongst other vulnerable nursing home patients and has initiated a crackdown on the problem by conducting surprise inspections at various Illinois nursing homes that may be inadvertently housing these people.

After trolling through various nursing homes across Illinois, the most recent raid went to Burnham Healthcare in the Southern-suburbs of Chicago.  This spot -raid resulted in the arrest of four residents at the facility with open Cook County arrest warrants.

While I certainly commend Attorney General Madigan for acknowledging this problem, I still question why these facilities aren’t being reprimanded for housing criminals— and exposing the other patients at the facility to harm?  Certainly, is it unreasonable to expect that nursing home operators can carve out the necessary time to compare both newly admitted patients as well as existing ones with criminal databases?

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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  1. The Problem is that Mental Hospitals like Read and Madden view the nursing homes as DUMPING GROUNDS for their excess patients. Most are operated as ACUTE (short term) units, so they need SOMEWHERE to house the patients they discharge, and the NURSING HOMES take the brunt of if all.
    After Chicago State Hospital was discontinued, a huge hole existed and the Nursing Home was seen as an easy solution.
    My Grandfather, Joseph Prangl was a PATIENT in Chicago state for FIVE YEARS, and I was a patient at Read Mental Health just last year.
    George M Weinert V

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