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Man Loses Testicle In Belleville Nursing Home

iStock_000003808668XSmallA lawsuit was recently filed against Calvin Johnson Care Center in Belleville, Illinois.  The lawsuit claims that while Fred Moss was admitted to the facility for long-term nursing and rehabilitation, the facility failed to supervise him and was neglectful in their treatment.  As a result of the nursing home neglect, Mr. Moss contracted cellulitis and gangrene in his scrotum and penis which ultimately required the removal of his testicle.

My guess is that the man in this lawsuit was catheter dependent. Many nursing home residents are incontinent and have catheters for discharge of urine.  Catheters require ongoing maintenance.  For example, nurses must clean and empty the catheter several times per day.  Further, if a nursing home resident has a Foley Catheter it must be removed and changed at regular intervals.  Failure to properly clean and maintain a catheter may result in a urinary tract infection and ultimately surgical removal of a testicle.

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