La Salle County Nursing Home Can’t Seem To Shake Bad Press

We’ve discussed problems at LaSalle County Nursing Home (Illinois) on several occasions here, here and here, but the bad news seems to just keep rolling out of the facility.  The New Tribune recently reported on an investigation at the facility conducted by authorities at the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) following problems that occurred under the watch of facility administrator Amjad Hussain.

Nursing Home Bad PressThe IDPH investigations reveal a culture of poorly performing employees.  Among the recent incidents at the facility include:

  • A registered nurse failed to timely perform CPR on a patient.  Instead of performing CPR the nurse went to request assistance from others.  As a result of the delay in performing CPR, the patient died.
  • Verbal abuse of a 100-year-old patient at the facility by a CNA.  Another CNA witnessed the event, but failed to report it to the administration at the facility.
  • Staff at the facility gave a patient food he has allergic to— two times!  The allergic reaction was so severe that the patient required strong medications to alleviate the reaction.

Currently, Chris Csernus has replaced Mr. Hussain as the administrator of LaSalle County Nursing Home.  Hopefully, the change in personnel will result in better attention to patient care and eliminate cases of nursing home abuse and neglect.


5 responses to “La Salle County Nursing Home Can’t Seem To Shake Bad Press”

  1. cindy says:

    Please read the recent article online at the Lasalle Illinois News Tribune . Doctor Amjad was NOT the problem at the LaSalle County Nursing home.

  2. Cindy-
    Here’s a link to the article that I believe you are referring to.
    Certainly with the rash of incidents relating to poor care at LaSalle, there should be more than enough blame to go around. Nonetheless, I think administrators and other managerial level staff in nursing homes should be held responsible when dangerous / improper care takes place on their watch.

  3. cindy says:

    I agree Jonathan.
    But when the assistant administrator is protected by the “boys” on the County Board and she runs the show and sees to it that anyone who tries to get rid of “bad” employees is forced to resign…have you follwed the most recent articles in the News Tribune ? A 7000.00 “merit ” bonus AND a 7000.00 a year pay raise for the assistant administrator …it is said that employees are actually afraid of her !
    ANYTHING you can do to help protect the elderly at that home would be appreciated
    I’m telling you the WRONG people have been forced to resign.
    Contact Dr Amjad if you want to know the real truth. Also read comments on My Web Times Ottawa Illinois
    Thank You

  4. Cindy, thanks for your thoughts. Here is a link to the news story that you reference.'s+raise%2C+bonus+scrutinized
    It sounds as though you have some first-hand information regarding these employees. If so, please share.

  5. guest says:

    Lasalle County Nursing Home is the best nursing home from my standpoint.  I have had a family member there for years now, and  I have never been more pleased with her care. The environment is just like home.  Everyone has a smile on  their face and welcomes you with loving hearts.  The staff there now is WONDERFUL!!! You  can’t let poor management from long ago shape your opinion on the facility now. Every facility has its flaws, but until they are put into the newspaper, nobody every hears of it.   I recommend this nursing home if you are in need of one for your loved ones.  

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