Improper Transfer Leads To Fall & Ultimately Death Of Rehab Patient

Improper Transfer Leads To Fall Even the best facilities occasionally provide bad treatment to their residents.  A wrongful death lawsuit has been recently filed against Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital, a nationally recognized rehab center in Chicago on behalf of the family of a deceased resident.  The family carefully selected Schwab as a rehabilitation center for their loved one’s physical therapy and rehab training following the amputation of a leg.

Unfortunately, even this well respected facility, failed to provide basic care for an elderly man’s needs.  When the man was admitted to Schwab, the physicians ordered that the man be transferred in and out of his wheelchair with the use of a mechanical lift and two staff members.  The day after his admission a CNA ignored the physicians’ orders and attempted to transfer the man into his wheelchair herself.  In the process the man fell and fractured his hip and femur.

Like many physically fragile elderly, the injury lead to a spiral of deteriorating medical problems.  Following surgery at nearby Mt. Sinai Hospital, on his hip and femur fractures, the man became immobilized and developed a pressure ulcer on his sacrum.  Additionally, the man was diagnosed with sepsis, pneumonia, and respiratory failure.  Within three months of the fall, the man died.

The man’s family filed a lawsuit against Schwab for negligent rehabilitation treatment.  The lawsuit was filed in Cook county Circuit Court.  Read more about this poor treatment at this well known Chicago rehabilitation hospital here.

This case demonstrates that a facilities reputation does not guarantee quality medical treatment.  Incidents at well-regarded medical facilities may occur with less frequency, but are just as devastating as incidents occurring at facilities with lesser reputations.  This case also highlights the importance of staff following physician orders.  If the CNA had simply followed the instructions set forth by the treating physicians this sad incident could have been avoided.

In this case, an investigation conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed the care this elderly man received was improper.

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