Golden Moments Senior Care Center Continues To Accumulate Fines Related To Providing Poor Care To Its Patients

It never ceases to amaze me how some nursing home operators would rather incur fines for continually providing inadequate care rather than make necessary changes. However, when the cost of the fines is not sufficient to improve patient care, I guess that some business manager is making a conscious business decision that it’s easier (and cheaper) to continue with the game plan and pay the consequences—  when– and if they get caught.

Case in point, Golden Moments Senior Care Center.

The Jacksonville, IL nursing home has agreed to pay $6,500 in fines to the state in relation to complaints connected to mistreatment of the elderly.  For Golden Moments, this most recent fine is just the latest hiccup along the way to providing quality care.

Fines Related To Providing Poor Care To Its PatientsAmong recent fines:

  • May, 2009- The facility was fined $20,000 after an investigation revealed that Golden Moments failed to intervene in incidents where patients were verbally, mentally and physically abused.
  • October, 2009- The Illinois Department of Health imposed $3,050 per day fine for an 11 day period where the facility failed to make corrective changes related to patient care. Specifically, the facility failed to follow its own policy with respect to patients who require assistance while eating.
  • November, 2009- As of November 23rd, Golden Moments received approximately $40,000 in fines for failing to comply with federal regulations.

Sure, $40,000 is a lot of money.  But my guess is that the cost of paying the fines is relatively cheap compared with making the necessary changes that would be necessary if the facility actually chose to improve patient care.  Until states begin to impose more substantial fines, I predict nursing home patients will continue to receive much of the same poor care that leads to severe injury and death.

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