“Escape Plan” Tragedy At Chicago Nursing Home

I immediately envisioned scenes from a movie depicting a jail house escape, when I read a disheartening article about a man who recently died while using his bed sheets to escape from a Chicago nursing home.  The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that a 57-year-old patient at Woodbridge Nursing Home recently fell 10-20 feet to his death as he attempted to escape from an upper floor window at the facility.

“Escape Plan” Tragedy As Chicago Police investigate this incident, situations such as this are a continuous reminder that many nursing home patients require continual monitoring by staff to evaluate both their physical and psychological well-being.

Though I have no knowledge about this incident, I have worked on a number of cases where patients have caused serious harm to themselves via self-inflicted injuries.  While these cases are indeed sad for all involved, many times I find that the facility itself never took into account any of the verbal and non-verbal cues in the days, weeks and months leading to a serious incident. Certainly, I hope authorities take the necessary time to investigate all aspects of this nursing home tragedy.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.


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