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Chicago Nursing Home Lawsuit Settles For $102,500

Chicago Nursing Home Lawsuit SettlementThe parties to a Chicago nursing home lawsuit have resolved the dispute for $102,500.  Like many nursing home negligence cases, the suit was initiated by the daughter of a deceased nursing home patient.  However, what makes this case unique from the many other nursing home cases that remain pending in Cook Counties Daley Center is that the crux of the case derives from the fact that the nursing home failed to supervise a suicidal patient who eventually succeeded in killing herself.

Negligence alleged against nursing home

According to reports in The Chicago Tribune, authorities believe that the 51-year-old nursing home patient intentionally drowned herself during her admission to Warren Park Health and Living Center on Chicago North-side.  What was alleged in the nursing home negligence case filed by deceased’s daughter is that the facility was negligent in the care that they provide to her mother considering that she had suicidal ideations on prior occasions.

In order for this lawsuit to become officially settled and the settlement proceeds to be distributed, the a judge will need to approve the settlement based upon the facts of the case and the financial distribution of the proceeds.

Nursing home suicide cases

Nursing home suicide cases remain some of the most rarely discussed types of cases as they thankfully remain a fairly rare occurrence. Despite their rarity, suicide cases are just as tragic as other more common types of nursing home negligence.

Most nursing home patients who attempt suicide had suicidal ideations long before they attempt the actual act.  As medical facilities that care for the overall aspects of patients, nursing homes must identify these issues as they arise and create a plan of care to keep the patient healthy– and alive.

As the above situation demonstrates, when nursing homes fail to pick up on a patient’s disturbances they expose themselves to liability in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit.  Unfortunately, a suicide attempt may severely injure– but not kill the person attempted to do so.  In these tragic cases, a nursing home may similarly be responsible for the patient’s injuries from the failed suicide attempt.  Given the severity of these injuries, the legal exposure on this case can be quite significant when damage aspects are considered including:

  • Past and future pain
  • Medical expenses for both the immediate injuries and future needs
  • Psychological counseling
  • Attending medical care if the patient remains disabled
  • Medications

Chicago nursing home lawyers

As Chicago nursing home attorneys who represent patients in a unique variety of cases, we would honor the opportunity to speak with you about a suicide or attempt during an admission to a nursing home or other institutional type setting.

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