Autopsy Confirms Man Was Murdered In Chicago Nursing Home

Murder In Chicago Nursing HomeThe Chicago Sun Times reports this morning that a 63-year-old resident of a Chicago nursing home died from multiple injuries suffered during an assault.  A spokesman for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the man, identified as Thomas Donovan, died on April 1 at South Shore Hospital.  The death has been ruled a homicide and Illinois State Police are conducting an investigation into the matter.

Although the name of the nursing home was not revealed, the Sun Times identifies the facility’s location as 14500 S. Manistee Avenue in Burnham.

Burnham Healthcare’s Troubled History

An internet search of the address reveals the facility to be Burnham Healthcare.  Burnham has a history of violence amongst its residents.  In 2004, the Illinois Department of Public Health fined the facility $5,000 for failing to investigate an incident of a resident who was sexually aggressive towards another resident.

The state investigation revealed the resident at issue had a history of sexually aggressive behavior, yet the facility failed to take any action to protect other residents.  On the morning of the reported incident, the staff at Burnham began to take steps to transfer the resident, yet failed to monitor the man while they awaited approval for the transfer.  During the unsupervised wait, the man committed a sexual assault.

For laws related to Illinois nursing homes, look here.

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  4. shuron upchurch says:

    burnham health care is one of the worst nursing homes in illinois i am surprise that it is still opened not only are the elderly being raped, their belongings are being taken as well they are helpless. they have a new administrator there that dont have a clue she speaks to the staff members like they are her children insulting them and the sad part about it they are afro americans like her the caucasion jewish man that was there before her gave them more respect. anyway they send the residents that they think that the state is going to look at out on special trips or to a sister facility. the majority of the residents thats there are crack addicts and alcoholics they are literally smoking crack, weed and drinking alcohol in their rooms. the doctors make sure they are diagnosed with being mentally ill by their symtoms one male resident was raped by another male resident and instead of reporting it they sent the resident that was raped to a sister facility. the one that raped him is still residing there. my advice if you have a love one there that you care about especially elderly get them out of there because apparently the state dont care whats going on in there a man even jumped out of the window there and killed himself he informed several health care staff that he was going to do it but no one responded. the place is full of lies and deceit and it is very stressfull to work in that environment. you have to constantly watch your back because one of the residents at anytime could hurt you. a lot of the staff have been abused aswell one staff member was stabbed in the neck another beaten so bad his eye was damaged and another beat up side the head with a can opener. i could go on but there isnt enough room for me to write the truth and nothing but the truth about burnham. a lot of the staff would like to find other employment but the economy is so bad that they dont have a choice but to stay there. as far as the death of thomas donovan i believe that one of the residents did murder him but as all ways it is being covered up. the administrator and the don no more then what they are stating the police should especially focus in on them and the administrator that was there before the one they have now.

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