1) Fall In Nursing Home, 2) Bed Sore In Nursing Home, 3) Lawsuit Against Nursing Home

Given the circumstances, it’s not terribly surprising that many nursing home negligence cases involve similar fact patterns and types of injuries.  Perhaps one of the most common fact patterns involves patients who sustain hip fractures after falling at a facility. Particularly in the elderly, falls and hip fractures can be particularly difficult given that many will face a long and painful road to recovery in addition to a loss of independence.

Lawsuit Against Nursing HomeThese commonly encountered facts were once again form the grounds of a recently filed nursing home negligence lawsuit filed against an Illinois Nursing Home.  The lawsuit initiated by the patients son, alleges that Walnut Grove Village’s failure to supervise his elderly mother resulted her fall and subsequent hip fracture that required surgery.

The nursing home lawsuit further alleges that Walnut Grove Manor Nursing Home compounded the elderly woman’s problems when they failed to properly care for her following the surgery which resulted in her developing medical complications and bed sores.

According to news reports of the lawsuit, the facilities failure to provide post-surgical care resulted in the development of a decubitus ulcer on her heel which required hospitalization and surgery.

Sadly, like many nursing home patients who sustain a hip fracture and decubitus ulcers, the ensuing complications claimed the patient’s life.

Knowing the real risk of a substantial problems encountered by elderly patients involved in falls, nursing home must remain diligent in terms of prevent falls from initially occurring.  Common fall precautions typically includes:

  • Providing adequate assistance during transfers
  • Assessing each patients ‘fall risk’
  • Clearing floors of debris
  • Reducing medication usage
  • Encouraging patients to wear shoes instead of socks
  • Educating staff on proper methods to assist patients


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2 responses to “1) Fall In Nursing Home, 2) Bed Sore In Nursing Home, 3) Lawsuit Against Nursing Home”

  1. judy striegel says:

    My husband received bed sore 3 days after being in hospital,there because.smoked cigarette burned tips 2 fingers. amputated may 3 an may 5th 2010. 5 days later Dr cleaned up bed sore went down to bone too deep for stage one,then he came an said to me let him die.he could talk, eat, double leg amp, could transfer self.
    Wound vac used in 6 days in 6 months after hosp n.home hosp nursing .home back an forth diabetic.food trays left at door no turning took too long to get mattress that would help.most time sore on bottom. Saline on gauze then on sore,spray I seen used 7 times in 6 mos.
    May 2010 went in hosp never came home died dec 2 2010 in hosp.I told nurse didnt want Dr back in room after he said let him die may 10th. I was his POA Dr went back 5 times an surgery again he did in sept 2010 all this without my knowledge. Have all hosp papers an read about Dr.lawyers afraid to take case want to say diabetes caused it was neglect………..I was Nurse aide 18 yrs I was turning him.Nurse lied said ate well one day aide disputed I said tube feed asap next day he received/Want to sue on my own.
    Receiving form from malpractice person that works in our Governors office.Need to know if I file an lose do I pay court fees an what else would I be responsible for? thanks

  2. Hi Judy-
    Sorry to hear of your situation with your husband. Unfortunately, pressure sores in a hospital setting remain a significant source of problems for patients. While a physician would need to address the standard of care issues, my hunch is that the hospital did not fully take into consideration you husband’s disabilities when caring for him.
    With respect to your question of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, I can not fully answer the question without knowing your location or venue. However, in some jurisdictions, a defendant can recover court costs from a plaintiff if the jury or judge finds in their favor. I would suggest you consult with an attorney in your area to get a more detailed response.
    Best regards,
    Jonathan Rosenfeld

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