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To ensure nursing home residents remain safe in their environment, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and the state of Utah conduct routinely scheduled surveys and unannounced inspections of every nursing facility under their jurisdiction. These extensive surveys help inspectors identify minor to serious infractions and violations. After performing observations and conducting interviews, the state and federal nursing agencies notify the facility of all acknowledged deficiencies to ensure these problems are quickly corrected. The corrections and adjustments might involve revising ineffective policies and procedures or the need to provide additional training to the nursing staff.

In some cases, deficiencies are the result of serious underlying problems that require extensive improvements and ongoing inspections. If the nursing home is unable or unwilling to make necessary adjustments and needed improvements, the Home may be placed on the Special Focus Facility (SFF) list. The SFF designation helps a public identify a nursing facility in their community that has provided substandard care to their residents.

Utah Nursing Home Worker Sex CrimesJacob Mut Bolith, was sentenced by a Utah Judge to 15 years in jail and to pay restitution for the sex crimes he committed on nursing home residents. Bolith plead guilty to second-degree felony forcible sex abuse of an 85-year-old woman in a nursing home where he was employed.

Bolith’s attorney Clayton Simms asked the Judge to sentence his client for 365 days in addition to the 389 days he has already served. He asked for leniency because Bolith is a Sudanese refugee who was displaced from his home and spent time in Ethiopia and Kenya before he came to the United States. Consequently, he said, Bolith had a difficult childhood that may have led to his behavior, despite Bolith learning English and getting his certified nursing assistant license to better his life.

Simms took issue with the pre-sentence report that said there was sexual penetration — he said there was only fondling and touching and Bolith’s patients misunderstood his intentions. However, Simms said his client takes full responsibility for his actions.

Resident Care Affected By Nursing Home OwnershipThe biggest predictor in determining resident care is the owner of the nursing home according to the Salt Lake Tribune.  Of 91, Utah Nursing Homes studied, the article detailed how, many problems start at the top and ‘trickle down to the lax administrators and nursing directors,’

Majestic Care, the owner of several Utah Nursing Homes had repeatedly scored low during state inspections.  The owner of Majestic Care was difficult to discover.  Once a nursing home receives a poor inspection score, owners may change the name of the facility in order to deceive potential residents and avoid ridicule. While most nursing homes scored well in inspections regarding of compliance, about one quarter of the facilities had a ‘dismal track record loaded with medical errors, neglect and mismanagement.

Tracking the owners of nursing home facilities proved difficult.  Names of problematic facilities are quickly changed making discovery of the current nursing home owners difficult if not impossible.

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