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Injured Oak Hill Health and Rehab Center Residents Seek Compensation for Damages

To ensure the public remains fully informed on the level of care every nursing home provides, both the State of Rhode Island and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conduct routine surveys and inspections. These inspections help identify serious problems, health hazards, violations, and deficiencies. In most cases, the nursing facility is given the opportunity to make prompt corrections to the level of care they provide, and adjustments of the policies and procedures used as guidelines for the nursing staff.

Some nursing facilities cannot or will not make these necessary improvements. When this occurs, the Home can face serious consequences including monetary penalties, a demand of selling their business to another company in good standing and be added to the federal watch list. Even if the facility becomes compliant with federal and state nursing home regulations, they often remain on the watch list for years as surveyors and inspectors evaluate the permanency of their corrections.

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Six states will be receiving federal grants from the Health Care Reform Act to perform thorough background checks on employees at nursing homes and other facilities that house vulnerable people.

While some states already employ background checks of new employees, the new funding is intended to be more exhaustive that the measures currently in place.  Employees must pass a check of state and federal criminal records, abuse and neglect registries and multiple databases including the Nurse Aide Registry.

Health Care Reform Act The $160 million dollar program will provide funding to the following states:

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Oscar the catTalk about worthless news stories, here’s a news-clip about a Brown University professor who will be releasing a new book devoted to…. a cat.  Not just any alley cat, ‘Oscar’ allegedly has the ability to predict the impending death of nursing home patients.  Oscar has apparently successfully predicted the impending death of more than 50 patients in a Rhode Island nursing home.  Apparently, when Oscar cuddles up with you, your day may be numbered.

For laws related to Rhode Island nursing homes, look here.

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Nursing Home Worker Charged With Raping A Wheelchair-Bound PatientAnother nursing home employee faces criminal sexual assault charges following the alleged rape of a 56-year-old paraplegic patient at Charlesgate Nursing Center in Rhode Island.  According to nursing home administrators, this employee passed a criminal background check prior to his employment.  The patient asserts that this was at least the second occasion she was raped by this employee.  If this is the case, this facility may open itself to civil liability for inadequately supervising this employee.

Charlesgate owns seven nursing homes, assisted living centers, and independent living centers in Rhode Island.

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