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Injured Arbors East Subacute and Rehabilitation Center Residents Can File a Claim for Compensation

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the state of Ohio conduct routine investigations, inspections, and surveys to identify violations and deficiencies at every nursing home statewide. The facility is then given the opportunity to correct these serious problems to protect the health of every resident.

In some cases, the seriousness of the deficiency or violation is so egregious that nursing home regulators designate the Home as a Special Focus Facility (SFF). This national watch list helps to quickly identify each nursing facility in the US providing substandard care. These Homes tend to stay on the watch list for many years as state inspectors conduct extended surveys and investigations on filed complaints.

Ohio Nursing Homes Forced to Cut 2,800 JobsRobyn Dixon was one of the lucky Ohio nurses: after losing her job at the Golden Years Nursing Center in Hamilton, OH, she was quickly able to find another position in Cincinnati. But the fate of nearly 3,000 other laid-off Ohio nursing home staff remains largely unknown.

In October, the federal government cut Medicare payments to nursing homes by 11 percent. The news was a devastating blow to Ohio’s nursing homes, which were already crippled by a six percent reduction in state funding in July.

“Nursing homes were expecting the state cuts…but were caught by surprise when the federal government cut Medicare payments,” said Peter Van Runkle, Executive Director of the Ohio Health Care Association “That hit (nursing homes) hard.”

institution.jpgPerhaps the biggest stigma associated with nursing homes is that they are large institutions that have little regard for personal preferences.

Unfortunately, at many facilities this stigma is indeed accurate and reinforced on a daily basis as patients are essentially molded into complying with a program that is geared towards efficiency and cost-reduction.

Could the institutional approach to nursing home care be on the way out?

 Medication MixupOne the most prevalent trends in the senior care industry is the emergence of nursing home alternatives such as assisted living facilities and group homes.  While the facilities offer many perceived advantages compared with traditional nursing homes, there are significant differences in terms of the care that they are capable of providing.

The most significant difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities is that nursing homes are indeed medical facilities that are intended to provide patients with skilled nursing care.  Depending on the states licensing requirements, some assisted living facilities may provide their residents with assistance while taking their medication.

Nonetheless, the supervision and administration of medications is a significant responsibility!

Nursing homes have an obligation to create and implement personalized care plans for every patient at their facility.  The care plan is not an optional activity, rather the plans are required by federal law.  Recognizing the threat of falling– and fall-related injuries— the care plan must assess and address each patients fall propensities.

Particularly in nursing home fall cases, where a patient may fall for a variety of reasons– some due to poor care and some completely independent thereof, it is important to look at the specific incident and evaluate if the safeguards were properly implemented– or not.

$1 Million In Nursing Home Fall LawsuitAs a nursing home lawyer, comparing the the safeguards implemented at the time of the fall vs. what was prescribed in the patient’s care plan is really a crucial step towards evaluating a potential claim against a facility.  Further, as patient’s needs change, facilities need to re-asses their care plans to accommodate the patient’s needs.

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