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Mother’s Assault in Nursing HomeOn Friday, April 13, Louise Jones received the call that every daughter dreads.

“They told me that my mom had taken a blow to the head,” said Jones, whose mother, Elizabeth Kennedy, is a resident at the Maple Grove Health and Rehabilitation Center in Greensboro, NC. “She’s 86 and defenseless, and I wasn’t there to protect her.”

According to Greensboro’s local FOX affiliate, staff at Maple Grove called police after noticing a large bruise on Kennedy’s head. It was unclear from the report who noticed the bruise, or why the facility decided to reach out to authorities when it did. A photo used in the FOX report shows a 2- 3-inch purplish mark above Kennedy’s right eyebrow.

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Picture-78Officials at the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation are looking into the nursing care provided to patients at the Britthaven of Chapel Hill nursing home after laboratory tests confirmed that the death of an Alzheimer’s patient may have been related to a morphine overdose.

The investigation was triggered after the blood lab results determined that an 84-year-old patient at the facility had ‘toxic’ levels of morphine in her body at the time of her death.

Lab results revealed that the nursing home patient had morphine levels of more than 50,000 nanograms per milliliter at the time of her death.  Putting that number in perspective, federal regulations concerning employment screenings categorize lab result over 2,000 nanograms per milliliter as ‘positive’.

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Nursing Home Resident Murdered By PeerDaniel East, a resident at David’s House, an assisted living facility has been charged with the murder of Jeremiah Daniel Love– his co-resident.  The surveillance video shows East striking his fellow resident in the head with a metal cane.  Love died shortly after the incident at Wake Forest University from closed head injuries.

East was arrested on unrelated charges– for threatening to beat a David’s House employee with a cane– on the day that Love died.  East has a criminal history including: time served for assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, assault on a female and driving while impaired without a license.

East is in custody on $2 million bond.

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Sexual Assault in North Carolina Nursing HomeA 43-year-old, male CNA at Magnolia Living Center is under investigation relating to the sexual assault of two female residents.  The first incident allegedly occurred on May 2nd and involves an elderly female resident at the facility.  The incident was brought to authorities attention two days later.  The second incident involving a 51-year-old resident was reported to police on May 12th.

The incidents are currently under investigation as aggravated assaults with sexual motives.  The suspected CNA has been removed from his position while the investigation continues.

I’m all for giving people a second chance–but why should an alleged sexual molester continue to be around the most vulnerable?

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