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Rather Than Do His Job, Nurse Would Rather ‘Tie Down’ Patient In New York Nursing Home

Picture-114I know some blog readers think that I just re-post the same entries about nursing home employees abusing their patients— but I’m not.  The reality is that nursing home abuse is a problem encountered by an untold number of patients in nursing homes across the country.

Out of New York, another case of abuse by a nurse’s aide has recently made headlines when a nurses aide became irritated after a disabled patient repeatedly used a call light for assistance in the early morning hours in May, 2008.  Rather than tend to the patient’s needs, the aide chose to put an end to the calls by tying the patient to a wheelchair with a bed sheet and putting her into a darkened room.

The nursing home’s video surveillance cameras captured the aide sleeping next to the forcibly restrained patient.

The aid involved in this incident pleaded guilty to violation of public health laws involving the abuse, neglect and mistreatment of a person.  Additionally, the aide was required to surrender his nursing certificate and is banned from working as an aide for one year.

“Think about this individual being put in a dark room.  This is not what you do to a human being,” said Cynthia Rudder, Director of Special Projects for the Long Term Care Community Coalition.  “How does and aide go into a common room, turn off the light and nobody notices?”

Good point Cynthia.  Where were the other nursing home staff members (and I certainly hope there was other staff on duty) when this obvious abuse was occurring?  I hope the the video surveillance is reviewed to determine the identities of the other individuals who did nothing to intervene in this situation involving obvious abuse.

Read more about this episode of improper use of restraints and abuse in a New York nursing home here.

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