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New York Nurses Surrender LicensesGraphic details have recently emerged about three New York nurses who subjected their nursing home patients to sustained verbal and physical abuse.

According to an article in, Myrna Siegel, an RN at the Sullivan County Adult Care Facility in Liberty, forcibly held down a patient and called her an “evil witch.” In another incident, Siegel told a resident who was resisting his medication that “he had a death wish and was going to die if he didn’t take his medicine.” Behavior like this is simply unacceptable. Luckily, Siegel was caught by the Attorney General’s Office, and her license has since been revoked. Sadly, two other New  York nurses have recently joined Siegel in having their licenses revoked by the Attorney General’s Office, due to mistreatment of patients.

Christopher Post and Stephen Thomas, both former CNAs from the Ferncliff Nursing Home in Rhinebeck, NY, were said to be involved in a suspicious incident involving a 94-year-old resident who broke his arm. According to Mid-Hudson news, Thomas asked Post to falsely claim that he helped assist Thomas in moving the patient, which Post did. Both Thomas and Post received unconditional discharges and surrendered their CNA certificates.

It always surprises me how many people wind up working in jobs that they are completely unsuited for!  While many of these people may later gravitate towards jobs that may be a better fit, it usually does come with any harm to people.

Nursing Home Workers Removed After Abusing Disabled PatientsNot in the case of two women have been removed from their position at Northgate Health Care Facility (NY).  Nursing assistant Alicia Clemens and her co-worker Gloria Maxwell were both removed from their position at the nursing home and similarly banned from working in other nursing homes by the New York State Health Department.

Their discipline comes in response to an incident in which Clemens ad Maxwell coerced two elderly and impaired patients at Northgate into the same bed and attempted to convince them that they were husband and wife.  One of the patients involved suffered from dementia and the other was diagnosed with mild retardation and schizophrenia.

iStock_000007764354XSmall2As nursing home lawyers, one of the situations we commonly encounter involve relatively healthy people who enter nursing homes for rehabilitation due to an orthopedic or cardiac conditions— only to encounter more problems during their admission to a facility.  In some of these situations, nursing home staff wrongfully assume that many of the prevention programs used for more disabled patients are not necessary.

What makes these type of cases particularly sad is to hear a family member describe the rapid decline in a loved ones physical and psychological condition within a short period of time.  In rehab admissions, no one ever suspects that ever suspects that their family member is potentially at risk for injury or illness due to the brief admission.

The New York Daily News reported on one of these situations where serious complications developed with a healthy patient who was admitted to a New York nursing home during a rehab stint.  In 2005 Vera Henry was admitted to Sutton Park Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation for therapy for her arm that she injured in a fall.  The admission was to last no longer than one month.

Picture-114I know some blog readers think that I just re-post the same entries about nursing home employees abusing their patients— but I’m not.  The reality is that nursing home abuse is a problem encountered by an untold number of patients in nursing homes across the country.

Out of New York, another case of abuse by a nurse’s aide has recently made headlines when a nurses aide became irritated after a disabled patient repeatedly used a call light for assistance in the early morning hours in May, 2008.  Rather than tend to the patient’s needs, the aide chose to put an end to the calls by tying the patient to a wheelchair with a bed sheet and putting her into a darkened room.

The nursing home’s video surveillance cameras captured the aide sleeping next to the forcibly restrained patient.

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