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Ongoing Nursing Home Abuse Results In Closure Of Dangerous Facility

homesweethome.jpgWhen state officials see an incident involving poor care at a nursing home, they really have several tools in their arsenal to eradicate the problem.

Depending on the severity of the violation, state officials generally elect to cite and / or fine the facility.  If deemed necessary, officials may choose to conduct follow-up inspections at the facility to ensure that compliance is maintained.

In addition, state officials also have the ability to pull the license from the facility effectively forcing the facility to close its doors and cease operation.  While such procedures may seem to be under-utilized, nursing home closures are usually viewed as a last ditch effort.

Apparently fed up with the ongoing problems at Las Vegas nursing home, Nevada officials shut down Las Vegas Home Sweet Home, after repeated problems had been reported at the facility.

According to reports of the closure appearing in the Las Vegas Sun, a state investigation revealed that Nome Sweet Home employees were regularly taking more money out of patient accounts than was actually necessary for reimbursement of expenses related to the purchase of groceries and other necessities.   More abuse was confirmed at the facility when police investigated an incident where a patient was dragged down the hallway by her ankles after getting into an argument with a manager.

The residents from the facility have been relocated to other facilities in the area.

For laws related to Nevada nursing homes, look here.

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