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Lawyers Representing Injured Residents of Crescent Nursing Home

The state of Montana and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regularly conduct unannounced surveys and investigations of every nursing facility statewide. Thoroughly evaluating these facilities help identify horrific deficiencies and serious violations that could cause harm or have caused injuries to one or more residents.

Nursing homes with the most egregious deficiencies are typically placed on a federal watch list under the Medicare and Medicaid program. Additionally, some are designated a Special Focus Facility (SFF) and must undergo additional surveys and investigations throughout the year until regulators are satisfied that significant improvements made by the nursing staff and administration are permanent.

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Brain Bleed Following Unsupervised FallEveryday nursing home residents fall.  Much like a toddler learning to walk, some falls are unpreventable.  Nursing home residents remain the highest risk for falling and getting injured compared with any other demographic.  The most fall prone must be identified identified by the nursing home staff.  Identification of individuals who are at ‘high risk’ for falling is only part of the solution.

After reading this newspaper article of a Montana woman who fell four times during a 35 day stay at a nursing home, I was reminded of how important is is for nursing homes to have adequate fall protection in place.  Despite the fact that this resident had a medical history which put her at high-risk for falls, the facility did not take precautions.  Moreover, the facility had three opportunities to put fall prevention measures into effect before the last episode when the resident fell and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.

The Montana woman’s husband and family have filed a lawsuit against the nursing home, drawing attention to the underlying cause of the woman’s death- poor staffing.  The lawsuit claims the facility did not have an adequate number of staff and did not properly train them.

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