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Michigan Court Dismisses Charges Against Nursing Home Workers Playing With A Corpse

Criminal charges were dismissed against three employees at Cherrywood Nursing and Living Center in Sterling, Michigan.  The Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed the misdemeanor patient abuse charges that the employees were originally charged with.  The court reasoned that the deceased nursing home resident could not be categorized as a patient because she was dead.  iStock_000006781069XSmall-1

In 2004, the nursing home employees were ordered to get the body of a deceased nursing home resident ready for transport to a funeral home.  The threesome told the corpse to ‘wake up’ and took photographs of each other with the corpse.

The women were fired for their behavior, but alarmingly, the Macomb County Department of Community Health did not revoke their licenses, even though the facility was cited for violation of patient dignity.

For laws related to Michigan nursing homes, look here.

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