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Centenarian Murdered At Nursing Home With Troubled Past

Picture-2311Authorities are investigating the strangulation death of a 100 year-old patient at Brandon Woods Long Term Care.  According to early reports, Elizabeth Barrow was strangled by her roommate possibly in retaliation for her receiving ‘too many visitors’.

While we learn more about the specifics of this tragedy, it now appears that this Massachusetts Nursing Home has a poor track record of providing quality patient care.  According to state nursing home surveys Brandon Woods scored in the lowest quarter based on factors relating to: cleanliness, quality and safety.

State inspectors have repeatedly cited, Brandon Woods staff for inadequate care.  For example, in 2009, staff were cited for:

  • Failing to provide immediate treatment to a patient who was having a seizure
  • Providing a patient with an extra dose of unnecessary medication
  • Failing to document patients with dangerous infections
  • Calling a patient a ‘pain’ because she asked for help too frequently

Is the fact that this Centenarian was murdered at a poorly performing facility a coincidence?

Possibly.  We will probably never know what– if anything could have been done on the part of the staff to prevent or intervene in this brutal attack, but if the prior threats by the roommate are indeed true, then someone should have taken necessary steps to prevent this matter.  Nevertheless, this incident should be a reminder for all nursing home staff and visitors to take seriously any threats of violence against anyone.


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