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Many baby boomers have reached the age where they require specialized care at nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers and assisted living homes. Because of that, families must investigate every potential Home to ensure it provides the highest quality of living in a safe, comfortable, accident-free environment. Unfortunately, many nursing centers provide their residents substandard care.

To ensure the elderly, disabled, and rehabilitating residents remain safe, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state agencies routinely survey and inspect every nursing home in Kansas. When substandard care is identified through acknowledged regulatory violations that jeopardize the health and well-being of one or more residents, the agencies require that the facility take immediate action to correct the problems.

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To ensure the safety and well-being of every nursing home resident, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the State of Kansas routinely conduct announced surveys and unscheduled inspections of nursing home facilities statewide. On average, every survey uncovers approximately 5 to 7 violations. When a violation is identified, the facility has a few weeks to a month to develop a plan and make necessary corrections and adjustments to ensure residents remained safe from mistakes, errors, and neglect.

Should the facility be unable or unwilling to make necessary corrections, the federal and state agencies will place the nursing center on a watch list and designate the Home as a Special Focus Facility (SFF). This undesirable designation helps to alert the administration and nursing staff that serious concerns of ongoing violations will no longer be tolerated. With this designation, the nursing home will have to undergo many more investigations and surveyors compared to facilities in good standing. If the Home continues to pass surveys and inspections over the months and years after receiving the designation, CMS can remove the nursing home’s designation from the list.

Understaffing in Nursing HomesOne of the nation’s largest nursing home chains suffered a legal setback that could eventually send ripples throughout the nursing care community at large. Despite aggressive attempts to have a lawsuit thrown out alleging that the systemic understaffing of facilities has resulted in numerous deaths and the pain and suffering of countless patients under the company’s care, a judge denied the motion to dismiss the case. The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are monitoring this case closely because its result could have an influence on many related cases in the future.

In a Stroke of Irony, Defendants Claim Lawsuit is due to Greed and Opportunism

Preferred Care Partners Management Group is playing the role of victim by alleging that New Mexico’s attorney general is unfairly targeting the company for abuses committed at facilities prior to their assimilation into the Preferred Care Partners Management Group organization. State Attorney General Hector Balderas has offered the counterpoint that elderly patients living in New Mexico have suffered at the hands of greedy nursing corporations that place profits over people and safety for far too long and that Preferred Care Partners should be culpable for any of its businesses despite their dates of acquisition.

Maggots, Sores, Allegations of NeglectA somewhat unusual news story was forwarded to me over the weekend that involved police intervention in a case involving a severely neglected nursing home patient.  Apparently, staff at a Via Christi Hospital (Kansas) called police after a nursing home patient was taken to their hospital for care.

Immediately after they began treating the man, it was readily apparent that that man was not in good condition as hospital staff noticed maggots and open sores on his feet when they removed his shoes.  According the the news report, police have initiated an investigation into the care provided at the Desert Health Group facility.

Police involvement?

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